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What is a Sure Bet ?

Sports arbitrages, arbs, sure bets, bets without risk, are all ways to call a single system: the sure bet. The sure bet is a combination of bets where the player gets net profits whatever the final outcome of the event.

The arb consists in covering all the possible outcomes of a game, forcing the proceeds from the winning bid to exceed the total amount risked. In other words, the goal of sports arbitrages is to obtain a net profit no matter what the final result is.

The sure bets arise as a result of the inconsistencies created between the odds of different bookmakers, so an arb is played between two or three different bookies depending on the type of arb. There are two different types of arbs, the normal ones and Back Lay ones, both of them explained in detail under the heading Sure bet types.

The slightest variation in an odd will determine the existence or not of a sure bet. The percentage of profit of arbs ranges between 1% and 5% of the investment, and may occasionally be higher.

Our bookmakers

ARBEDIA works only with those bookmakers (betting bookmakers) whose reputation has been proven unquestionable. Their thoroughness and professional excellence are the keys that ARBEDIA looks for to ensure they are the best suited for its users.

Since being a client of different bookmakers to make arbs, we have opted for a few. Therefore, any users who are registered with our bookies will be able to enjoy all the arbs we offer.

Who wins with arbs ?

Until now we have explained what a sports arbitrage is but... ¿what's their point? ¿Don't bookmaker's control them? ¿Aren't they against their interests? ¿Who wins from all this?

The answer is: everyone.

What do bookmakers win ?

Sure bets are merely another form of publicity and marketing that bookmakers (betting bookmakers) use. It's a way to attract more people.

Bookmakers have their odds perfectly under control. That's all their offering, in fact, so they keep accurate control to stop them from rising too much above the market average.

Arbs appear spontaneously and therefore cannot be controlled. But in the same way we offer them, bookies also find and recognise them, and so they can decide to lower the odds... or keep them to attract more punters.

Also, keep in mind that to make a sports arbitrage you need from two to three bookmakers to bet, of which one will loose and the remaining ones will win. And they attract clients and, therefore, money.

What do betting fans win ?

From 1% to 5% of the investment. 3% of a 1000 $ bet is 30 $, which is not bad at all.

What about us ?

We take a commission for every registration for each lead we bring to our bookmakers. The entire portal is free and all its services are open to all. Every time you register at one of our bookmakers coming from our site, we get a little ransom.

We hope that you enjoy the pleasure of betting knowing that you are going to win !