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If you're going to get serious on betting, ARBEDIA recommends you follow the following basic tips:

Keep control of all your bets. Keep a balance of your winnings and your losses from all your valuebets. This way you will be able to see for yourself the profits of this type of game and you will learn to recognize the best Value Bets.

Be patient. You will lose most of your stakes, but keep faith in the system's maths.

Do not be afraid. Our bookmakers are 100% trustworthy and are undoubtedly the best.

Keep a deposit. Have a betting fund and never bet more than 3% of it in your bets.

Choose sports you know. Experience and knowledge will help you choose between valuebet.

Choose sports where surprises are more likely to happen, like football, tennis or motorcycling.

Use an electronic wallet. This way you won't be giving your bank information to anyone and you will minimize the fees of moving your money around, as well as making transactions faster and easier. We recommend Moneybookers (*) since they have the lowest fees for moving your money back to your bank account.

When registering at a bookmaker, don't use false personal details. Remember they are completely confidential and subject to strict privacy laws.

These are our tips. Welcome and enjoy!

(*) See each Bookmaker's characteristics.