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What is a Bookmaker ?

A place to place your bets. They are also known as bookies.

What is an Exchange ?

A type of bookie. The pets placed with them are against other people instead of against the bookmaker.

What is a Back bet ?

It is a bet where you are betting in favour of something happening (this is the usual type of bet) .

What is a Lay bet ?

A type of bet in which you are betting against something happening (only available at Exchanges).

What is the risk of a bet ?

The amount of money you can lose with that bet. When you bet in favour of something happening, the risk is the amount you bet. If you bet against, the amount is different.

What is a Sure Bet ?

A risk-free way of betting where the profits are guaranteed.

What do I win with arbs ?

Money and entertainment. Arbs are usually around 1% and 5%. The luxury of betting at no risk of losing.

Can I lose money with an arb ?

It can happen. You can bet the wrong amount, or there can be an unexpected change in the odds between one bet and another. In these cases, you can still bet knowing you will lose and therefore lose the smallest amount possible.

What do bookmakers win ?

Clients. By having money deposited at bookmakers they already get profits.

How much do I need to begin with ?

Up to you. And keep in mind that many bookmakers offer betting bonuses.

Can I have problems with a bookmaker ?

No. ARBEDIA only offers the best and most trustworthy bookmakers.

What do you offer ?

Access to surebets and valuebets, surebet calculators, to bets comparisons, email alerts, etc...

What sports and competitions do you offer ?

Soccer, basketball, ice hockey, tennis, rugby union, formula 1, motorcycling, ... ARBEDIA is continuously under development. More and more sports with their competitions are being added and updated.

For any other questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. We will post the most frequent questions in this section.